Unfortunately Flyme is not perfect. Its arguable whether or not Flyme is more buggy than actually working, but thats not the debate here.

Notification Issues

Due to bad memory allocation and an aggressive cleaning behaviour Flyme often kills background applications. This results for example in WhatsApp messages not being delivered unless you open up the app. Basically it can occur with every app.

As of now there is no guaranteed fix, however in some cases it helped to give the specific apps more permissions. To do so you need to open up the Security app. Click the lock icon (Permissions) and select "App notifications", grant permissions to all the apps you want. Next go back and go "Run in background". Instead of "Smart Background", you should set the apps to always run in background.

This is it.

Theme Center

Sometimes it happens that designs cannot be applied, due to a verification error. If this happens you need to change your timezone to Hong Kong time (GMT+8). Then retry to apply the theme.

3rd party apps

The most frequently asked questions are often related to 3rd party apps. Often we read posts like "Why app XYZ is not working?". While we understand you want to use all your apps on your (new) device, we are sorry that we cannot help with it. Flyme is a deeply modified system and therefore often contains things which are not common. Sometimes there is some stuff missing.

What we can recommend is to contact the app developer and see if they have an idea. Otherwise chances for a fix are relatively low.

As of now its known that the following apps have issues:
- Google Now
- Snapchat
- Netflix