Meizu Note 6 released!

Here we go again – a new device.

This time its a new “Blue Charm” device – the Meizu Note 6. While this sounds like something unspectecular, it isn’t.

Why? Because the Note 6 is the first Meizu device ever to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU.

Yes, you’ve read right. The rumors were true. Not even a a few months ago Meizu was sued by Qualcomm, however it seems like both parties came to a rather “untypical” agreement.

So whats inside the Note 6?


Powered by an 2GHz octa core Snapdragon 625 with either 3GB (16 & 32GB version) or 4GB (64GB version) of LPDDR3 RAM. Sided with an Adreno 506 GPU the Note 6 has a solid mid-range base. As seen in previous Blue Charm devices the storage can be extended up to 128GB.

The screen itself is 5.5″ large, housed in a 154.6mm x 75.2mm x 8.35mm alloy case, and resolves at a resolution of 1080p with a PPI of 403, paired with the low power usage of the processor and the 4000mAh battery, this should be more than enough to get along an entire day or two, depending on your use case.

Furthermore, we will also be given the typical features, like mCharge (18W fast charge), mTouch, dual SIM and of course an USB Type C port.

What else is special about the Note 6 besides the Qualcomm CPU? To answer this question we need to take a look at the back.

Nope, mTouch hasn’t moved to the back. What you see here is a second camera. While the front camera takes pictures at “just” 16MP with an f/2.0 lense, the two back cameras take a 12MP (f/1.9) and 5MP (f/2.0) picture. Thanks to ISP image processing this is a fast and easy task for the phone. Additionally the quad LED on top of the back, should make pictures look good even under dark conditions. Meizu claims that the camera is better than the one featured in the Huawei P10.

Last but not least we have to take a look at the price. At approximately 140€ (16GB)/165€ (32GB)/217€(64GB) the Note 6 is more expensive than its predecessors. However, this time you finally get an improvement when buying a new device. Unlike previous models this one is indeed an upgrade. The Note 6 will be available in black, blue, silver and gold in all the 3 versions.