Meizu Bluetooth Speaker – Small & Leightweight

Meizu Speaker

Before Meizu started as smartphone producer, they produced MP3 players first.
Unlike their recent smartphones though their MP3 players stood for superb and uncompeted quality, offering everything an audiophile could wish for. This is a fact that gets represented in most of their phones, too. For instance the dedicated audio chip in the Pro 5.

However, after Meizu’s holograph style speaker, they decided to create something more mobile. A wireless speaker. Available in deep gray or white, not much of a choice is left to the customer. Priced at approximately 25€ you get a quite nice package though.
The speaker offers Bluetooth 4.2 and the classical 3.5mm jack as connectors. Play time is stated to last at least 8 hours with maximum volume, but increases to 15h when only playing with half of the volume. Frequency response range ranges from 100 to 20kHZ, while the frequency range is about 2402MHz to 2480MHz, quite nice values for this price. As a comparison – the JBL Flip 3 has a response range from 85 up to 20kHZ, while costing almost 3 times more.

Another important factor for mobile speakers is size and weight. As the speaker is only 108x55mm it fits easily in the palm of your hand making it truely handsome. With its weight of just 170g its far away from being heavier than your smartphone. And in case you got no place to rest you can hang the speaker around your wrist or neck by using the included lanyard.