• Uniform Meizu application positioning services in order to provide accurate location information in a timely manner, saving electricity and traffic
  • Multi-task recovery support Flyme 5 vertical display, how accustomed to how to come
  • Path: Settings - Accessibility - Multi-task management - Task card arrangement - Vertical arrangement
  • Fix the unlocked into the desktop after the phenomenon of Caton
  • To solve the problem of closing the application notification system sound, to mail will still use other notification ringtones to remind the problem


  • Optimize the panorama shooting algorithm, greatly enhance the photo stitching speed and accuracy, to avoid leaving the jagged

File management

  • Optimize the “recent” file list refresh rate, minutes and seconds is the workplace


  • Mark the number of music in a variety of formats in the local music folder
  • Repair wave sound can not be set up the normal phenomenon


  • Fix the “Contacts” and “Yellow Pages” tabs as a call log page


  • Repair the use of full keyboard to edit the shortcut phrase, switch in / English after the non-response phenomenon

File management

  • To solve the problem of a small lattice-like background

Find a phone

  • Repair the password can not enter the user interface, the phone to verify the phenomenon of Caton


  • Fix long press to select the picture after gravity press the thumbnail to cause the flashback phenomenon
  • To solve the problem after the upgrade to open the application, pictures and album loading slow


  • When you log on, you will not be able to log in to the correct authorization code


  • Resolved from the local import .txt format of the book will appear to load slow or can not load the problem


A - Firmwares

Meizu MX4 Pro
Meizu MX5
Meizu MX4
Meizu m2 note
Meizu m1 note
Meizu M5s
Meizu m3s
Meizu X

Y - Firmwares

Meizu M5
Meizu m3
Meizu m2
Meizu U20
Meizu U10
Meizu m1 metal



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