• Turn off the ringtone and vibrate by turning the phone / screen down / horizontally.
  • Path: “Phone - Setup - Call Flip Mute”


  • Share the picture to support the effect preview, while allowing microblogging authorized to log in, share more simple and effective


  • Optimize the response speed of the game mode switch
  • Repair off the “lock screen can be pulled down notice” option, you can still enter the camera and pull down the phenomenon


  • Optimize jump rules for incoming and outgoing messages, view more quickly
  • Without the need to expand the list of accessories can quickly preview the attachment, the small screen can also grasp the entire content
  • Adjust the loading of the text image logic, enter the details page after the show to reduce traffic consumption
  • A list of inboxes appears when the message is loaded, and the contents of the message are overlapped
  • Repair the drop-down list of more than one page and click on the top bar to return to the top of the list
  • Repair the subject card, slide the right side of the scroll bar to the bottom, there is part of the contents of the phenomenon of being blocked

System Upgrade

  • Repair occasional night upgrade is not implemented and no notice pops up the phenomenon

File management

  • Fix the application to add multiple privacy files, the application of the phenomenon of flash to the desktop
  • To solve the click “download” and select the open mode, will flash to the previous page of the problem

Theme landscaping

  • After the replacement of the theme, the desktop icon is still the original theme of the theme of the icon style


A - Firmwares

Meizu MX4 Pro
Meizu MX5
Meizu MX4
Meizu m2 note
Meizu m1 note
Meizu M5s
Meizu m3s
Meizu X

Y - Firmwares

Meizu M5
Meizu m3
Meizu m2
Meizu U20
Meizu U10
Meizu m1 metal



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