• Determine the current scene and pop up the appropriate volume box, the weather so hot, as simple as possible
  • Add “screenshot sound” switch, fear of the air suddenly quiet, fear of sound from the screenshot
  • Optimization notification storage box sorting logic, think maybe you will see, just by the way
  • The more detailed the more careful: Wi-Fi list of display logic, power below 10% of the optimization reminder
  • Repair the notification bar in the two fast switch overlap phenomenon
  • Repair the application will be optimized after each boot
  • Repair the use of a sudden restart process, after the card in the Flyme balloon interface phenomenon


  • Add festive pictures, for the busy you find the festive atmosphere, do not forget to give yourself a holiday


  • Accustomed to your sleep time and intelligent work, study and study, is the pace of the devil

Phone Guardian

  • Optimize the Power Consumption Details interface


  • Resolve the problem after opening the Equalizer button to display an exception

File management

  • Fix the video files in the root directory that are not displayed in the category menu


  • Fix the phenomenon of flashing after opening the application


A - Firmwares

Meizu MX4 Pro
Meizu MX5
Meizu MX4
Meizu m2 note
Meizu m1 note
Meizu M5s
Meizu m3s
Meizu X

Y - Firmwares

Meizu M5
Meizu m3
Meizu m2
Meizu U20
Meizu U10
Meizu m1 metal



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